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Call Diablo 3 Players to consider the Diablo 3 Online game Mode.

20. Jul 2012 09:05, jiediablo3

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Diablo 3 has released for 3 weeks, have you consider the Diablo 3 online game mode? If not, together with us to think with it.
Blizzard Diablo God three mandatory networking to make the interpretation of the following aspects:
1, "Diablo 3" networking is considered complete. Only the combination of millions of players repeatedly kill monsters in order to make the game experience more consistent and balanced, sustainable network to make the game better.
I'll tell you how to do both of these effects will not damage the gaming experience: Ask local archive and the game upload.
2,auction is about to be able to use the cash transactions, so the need for security. Offline games, the birth of hacking, cheating and other unfair.

It looks very favorable, but I'll tell you how to solve, the answer is simple. That is not to cash auction. Blizzard need for such a cash auction reason to spend time in decades and a lot of input because of its extremely indulgent development in order to pursue high-quality. Blizzard want to search for a profitable way does not affect the quality of the game.
3, if Blizzard do not do this, "Diablo 3" piracy is difficult to prevent

This may be true. But as proof of the success of the CD a project RED "witch doctor" and GOG. com, in fact, there are other digital rights management approaches. The Witcher 2, "executive producer John Mamis said: " We need someone to buy the game to let us have sufficient funds to do the next film, but we have to let the user feel that they are willing to buy, which is why we are very concerned about our player. "
Users need to feel that they are willing to buy, this is the place where we are uncomfortable, we all belong to being forced to buy, because there is no other way to experience this favorite cause large-scale effects of entertainment products, unless the acceptance of an unacceptable conditions.
The answer is not to go with the flow, but should tell you that we do not like this way. Whenever publishers said they are listening to user suggestions just means that they can be purely monetary in the calculation of how much money to determine its own practice. Although this can not be wrong, I do not consider the purchase of "Diablo 3" also requires a permanent networking is also wrong. The problem is that we have the right to complain that they fully understand the purchase of the product defect.
Are you clear about the Diablo 3 online game mode? For more information, please click our website.

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