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Learn Something from the Two weeks of Diablo 3.

20. Jul 2012 09:04, jiediablo3

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Diablo 3 was released for 2 weeks. We have learned too much from it. Now we come together to talking about the online game.
Here are some of the lessons learned from the first 24 hours of the game. I personally beat the Normal difficulty with my Demon Hunter. I got two friends I'm questing with so I have a slight advantage, as multiple people in a group provide benefits to leveling.
1. The game is not easy - After the beta was assumed that the Normal difficulty will be extremely easy and the only gear that players will want is DPS and various Magic Find gears that will allow them to get better gear. As it turns out the game is somewhat challenging and it's important to have defense gear and abilities in place. Some of the best-selling items are not necessarily the top DPS rare weapons, but affordable armor that has survivability stats.

2. Quick Turnaround is key - I can't stress this enough: having one of your items eating up one of your auction slots for 48 hours is crippling. Most items become obsolete fast and storage is expensive, meaning that you won't be selling too many high-ticket items. By the way, create other character and use them to store your items so you don't have to buy expensive stash updates.   Selling lots of quick-turnaround items at around 5Kwill net you more than trying to sell your items at a high price. With the current salvaging materials and pricing your expect to get about 100-200 gold per salvage. If can sell the same items for over 1, 000 gold, you have profited.
3. Artisans not a good short-term investment – I mention in a previous post I believe that the Blacksmith and the Jeweler will be great money makers at later levels, but a huge gold and material sink in the early stages of the game. My impression as well as that of other players is that this is indeed true, and not spending your precious gold on the artisans initially may be a great strategy. Jeweler does allow you to upgrade gems, which is helps, but so far it's still not a great source offlow.
4. Vendor goods sell well - Some of the most profitable sales were goods that I got from vendors. Dyes, rings and amulets do well mark up 5 to 10. Every time you log into a game, the vendor items get randomized, so grabbing items with high stats and placing them on the AH could work very well.

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