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We found leveling up fast is a big Challenge for you in Diablo 3.

20. Jul 2012 09:04, jiediablo3

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According to our survey, we found that to level up fast is a big challenge for players in diablo3. I must tell you that to cooperate with your teammate, then all of you could gain best equipments to level up!

If you were around during the Diablo 2 era, you will know for sure that the teams that dominated the high levels were able to get the best equipment, had awesome knowledge of instances, and had the best team and the best everything.

As you are reading this letter, you will probably feel that in order to level up quickly in Diablo 3, painful sacrifices must be made. You think you will be glued to the screen for hours trying to figure it out. You might have to let your studies slide. You might even be forced to make a choice – boyfriend/girlfriend, or spending endless hours in front of the PC just to get to the upper levels. Would you sell 16 hours a day for a month to Diablo himself just to look good at level 60?

By cooperate with your teammates and buy, gain the great equipments!

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